Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 5 of Advent - a stressful day, Faith helped a little

Today, I needed music to get through a personally challenging day.
I stuck to the weekly theme, though I am sure that other choices might have been more friendly.
I listened to Faith Hill's Joy To The World

The title track was appropriately anthemic, with a sense of pomp which suits it.  The backing to the Little Drummer Boy was lovely, I could picture all those singers working together with their Pum Pum Pums.
Holly Jolly Christmas was quite up beat, again fairly pop-y rather than Country.  However this was balanced by the Carols dotted throughout the album, and the lovely A Baby Changes Everything - true in every case, but certainly true when you consider the baby whose arrival we celebrate at Christmas time. It builds and builds, and had me crying towards the end. Just lovely.

Today's Earworm: A Baby Changes Everything

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