Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 4 of Advent music binge - Disappointed by the Lady

Today, I chose a group with whom I am less familiar - Lady Antebellum.
Their album On This Winter Night was interestingly particularly pop-like for an apparent Country group.  I did some research after hearing the album - they are considered to be a pop Country group ... I didn't realise that this was even a style of Country!!!

Again, I went into this with an expectation of a more Country feel. I enjoyed A Holly Jolly Christmas for it's upbeat nature, and the singing was lovely. This album did, however, fit with today's weather (less than 20 degrees Celsius) rather than the usual hot weather we have at this time of year. I actually felt like a hot chocolate, and could imagine trying egg nog.
There were more Seasonal songs than Christmas carols on this one, and it was telling that my favourite was the lilting title track, On This Winter's Night. It fitted beautifully with my mood on the day, and the harmonies were just lovely. Not particularly Christmas focused though.

Today's Earworm: A Holly Jolly Christmas

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