Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 3 - Kenny Kenny Kenny

Well, I dipped into Kenny Rogers today!  Definitely worth it!
While I sampled a couple of albums, my album for today was his most recent, Christmas Live!
Christmas Live!
This is a shorter album, only 9 songs, so it got plenty of listens through.  It started with My Favourite Things - thanks to Rodgers and Hammerstein - which was not what I was expecting.
This album is part of the Gaither Gospel Series, and had a definite Christian bent rather than a Country one. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I enjoyed this focus.  Mary Did You Know was a new one for me, and simply reminded me so much of why we celebrate this season.  However, the reference to his saving the nation (I am assuming this means the USA here, though it may not) smacks of the self-aggrandisement which is common in representations from the United States.
I also loved the Choral backing on O Holy Night. An upbeat version, but enjoyable. Got me singing along!!
I enjoyed Kenny's voice, and the arrangements.  I am glad that I purchased this one this year to add to my collection.

Today's Earworm - Mary Did You Know.

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