Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Glasses help me to see, and appear to be directly linked with my brain function!

I can't find my glasses.
I can't think without them! I can use my iPad if up close,but I can't see a thing when walking around the house.
I feel lost, vague, confused and ..... Unable to think!

I am home sick with a rotten cold, but I would like to see well enough to watch some tv in my PJs. 

If anyone finds my glasses, please hand them to me. They were last seen on my bedside table, but not there now. I've fumbled around looking for them, but they aren't here. I'm wondering if a sneaky thief stole them so I couldn't identify the thief when they come back to pinch everything else. 
Or, perhaps they grew legs! 

And yes, I've looked in lots of places, but I can't see to find them. Do you see (hmmph, bad pun) my dilemma?!? What about my glasses?

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