Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back to my own very special Advent Soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day One

Here begins my 2013 season of quite kitsch Christmas Music!

Week One - Groups of Men!!

Today, listening to Straight No Chaser, their Christmas Cheer album from 2009.

I do love the sound of men singing in harmony. I am also enjoying the tongue in cheek approach to Christmas and to a cappella performance. If only these boys could have joined me back in my days singing for beer at The Nott! Or perhaps their peers were there, and I married one!!

The first song - Christmas Can-Can is very much hurried, busy, definitely of the season in my experience.

The harmonies are lovely, the male voices simply lovely.

They sing about spiking the Egg Nog. Do ANY Australians get the whole Egg Nog thing? I'm more likely to be Jonesing for a jug or two of Sangria, personally!

I preferred their more traditional carols, rather than the more secular Christmas songs, but have had fun listening today!

One last note though --- you just HAVE to listen to their Twelve Days of Christmas. Sure, it is derivative, and it seems it was done by someone before them, but it is super cute AND super 80s!!!

File:Christmas cheers.jpg

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