Sunday, 8 September 2013

The evening after the day before

So, i've slept on it. I've slept on the result of last night's election results, and on the impact that the change of government (or not, neither option really ticked many of the boxes on my list) will have on those I hold dear. The approach of many parties towards me as a woman is bad enough. The approach of so many parties towards my gay, lesbian and queer (I'm using this to encompass as many people as I can, but I don't want to disrespect anyone who doesn't like this term) friends is incredibly frustrating, aggravating and concerning. 

The approach towards refugees, asylum seekers and those with adverse ASIO findings is terrible. The approach towards those who need financial support via Youth Allowance, Newstart or Parenting Payments/allowance is so diametrically opposite the approach towards working women needing maternity leave that I want to scream.

Instead, I am preparing to take many slow deep breaths, to contemplate how I can ensure that my voice is heard. I am preparing to start writing more letters, to start knocking on doors, to bending the ears of local political representatives and to joining protest marches and events which align with my concerns. I am also considering joining a political party to try and influence the machine from inside. I may not, but I am prepared to do so if it feels right. I haven't ever felt such a strong pull to make change politically.

Whatever I do, maybe this is the time for people like me, people with strong social justice principals, to stand up and try to influence policy and politicians. Oh, and again, time to pray for guidance and direction. 

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