Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fighting the Cherry slugs!

It all seemed so simple.
The lovely people at Diggers ( suggested that for Cherry & Pear slug dousing the cherry tree with flour was a great organic alternative.
So tonight, I grabbed the big container of plain flour (apparently any type will do) and headed outside. I pulled my hair up into a clip so it wouldn't be in my face. I ducked under the netting, which protects the fruit trees from marauding birds, and got to work.
 I tossed a handful of flour over a branch. Right! So, a couple of handfuls wasn't going to do it! I couldn't see any difference. I grabbed another handful,  and tried again. Now I could see where I'd been. A couple of handfuls per branch was going to take a while.

I became more vigorous. I tossed handfuls and handfuls over the tree. Up high, down low, left and right. There was flour dust all around the tree, but suddenly, I was trapped.
My hair clip had become snagged in the netting. I was under the cloud of flour, encased in white dust. I couldn't free my hair, one arm holding the flour barrel, the other covered in flour, holding another handful. I tossed it anyway, and tugged at the netting. I eventually freed my hair, and finished the job, only wrestling with the netting a few more times!!
The tree looks, at best, a "bit" floury, though every branch and leaf was showered. I, on the other hand, had apparently aged 30 years! (You can always count on loved ones to tell it like it is!) I was simply covered in fine white flour. My clothes, under my clothes, my shoes, my glasses, my legs and arms. And my hair! Completely covered. It created a clag like effect on my scalp!
I was able to dust or shake off much of the flour, but definitely needed to wash my hair.  

So, my tips to other gardeners considering flour for Cherry & Pear Slug.
Wear old clothes.
Plan your dust off before you start.
Wear a mask!
And a shower cap!

Oh, and as an alternative, don't show you partner this post, and kindly ask them to do it. Apparently it is a very funny sight!

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